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July 2018

The Coalition for the Strengthening of Human Rights in Chile (hereinafter the Coalition) groups civil society organizations, indigenous peoples, people of African descent and migrant people that work in the promotion and advocacy of human rights. This Coalition was created in May 2018 with the aim of presenting a joint report to the Universal Periodic Review of the State of Chile that will be held in January 2019. However, its members have been working for several years on joint actions to strengthen human rights in Chile.

This report was prepared through a participatory process, which included workshops, meetings and systematization of the information. These activities were developed under the coordination of the Observatorio Ciudadano (Citizen Observatory), a non-governmental organization of promotion, documentation and advocacy of human rights.

This Report analyses the compliance by the Chilean State with its obligations and voluntary agreements on the field of human rights, since the last Universal Periodic Review (UPR) that the Human Rights Council (HRC) carried out in Chile in January of 2014 until now. For its preparation, it has been taken into consideration the recommendations made on that occasion by the Working Group on the UPR.  Specifically, in reference to the country’s institutional framework on human rights, in relation to the rights of the most discriminated sectors in the country, as indigenous peoples, Chilean African descent and migrant population, and in relation to business and human rights.

Number of pages: 17

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